I was recently approached by Aramis to give my interpretation of “The Gentleman” in  a campaign titled “The Gentleman presented by Aramis”.

I was given carte blanche and given the creative freedom to come up with what I felt told the story.  Let me simply say in a time where it’s cool and trendy to be a gentleman the reality is the gentleman is nothing new, nothing special - he’s simply a man who lives life with passion, respect and style.  Being a gentleman is an every day thing.

6 bloggers worldwide were selected for the project and ask to share their vision

Man of the Cloth: http://manofcloth.blogspot.com/ The Dandy Project: www.thedandyproject.com/ Buckets & Spades: http://buckets-and-spades.blogspot.com/ The Impossible Cool: http://theimpossiblecool.tumblr.com/ Kate Loves Me /  
Feel free to view their interpretations.

The product can be purchased:

at Bloomingdale’s

at Dillard’s

at Macy’s

(Source: Guerreisms.com)

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