During New York fashion week I had the pleasure of meeting Elie Tahari, going back stage and attending the Spring Summer 2012 Runway Show.

I wanted to be your guide and give you a glimpse of the fashion world courtesy of Elie Tahari. (The views expressed below are my take) I will actually be interviewing Mr. Elie Tahari by the time this post goes up and will be sure to share with you some of his fashion insight.

It begins with the faces selected to wear/ represent the brand (left)

Then the snap shots of the looks to be worn by the models (right)

You have the photo of the model and what the end look in terms of make up will look like (left)

Make up begins (right)

The clothes go on (above)

The lights go on, the cameras flash, the buyers buy, you’ll see the looks in magazines.

For more on Elie Tahari visit the website (click link)

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