Traveling seems to be one of those things that is the most fun after the actual traveling part is out of the way.  In the past I’ve traveled with the heavy plastic suitcases, as well as the canvas suitcases … truth be told I never found a suitcase that was manageable and sturdy  and was determined to find one for my next trip.

I initially had decided to skip Paris fashion week but after a call (any excuse is a good excuse to go to Paris) I decided to pack up my bags and had out to the city of lights.

This post is about 2 things.

1.  The right suitcase

2. Packing the suitcase

1. The right suitcase.

The suitcase selected is polycarbonate suitcase from Kenneth Cole Reaction.  I must admit, I used to see people at the airport with  similar suitcases and they made it look effortless - now I know why!  After packing the suitcase it was still light and very mobile.  You can turn the suitcase fully around with 2 fingers and always seem to maintain control.

2. Packing the suitcase.

Although there are plenty of ways of packing a suitcase, the suit jacket should always be given priority and protected.

After having lined the suit collar to the edge of the suitcase proceed by placing the pants inside the jacket.

In order to keep the jacket from getting crushed place your sock s and underpants in the sleeves of the jacket.

Fold the lower part of the jacket upward. 2 suits will fit comfortably and without worry of being wrinkled when you arrive to your destination ( as long as the remainder of the suitcase is packed snugly.

close the side with the suits and fold tightly the remaining items.  Shoes are best stored in individual shoe bags so they won’t scuff.

When it’s all said and done, maneuvering your suitcase shouldn’t be a task and arriving with wrinkled clothes shouldn’t be an option.

Bon Voyage!

The post was sponsored by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  To find out more about the polycarbonate suitcase visit the Kenneth Cole website. (click link)


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