I’m the kind of guy who enjoys spending a few hours browsing through the local flea markets, I’ve even been known to spend some summer afternoons at my favorite salvage shop in Brooklyn (think the old tv show Sanford and Son) where I’ve found some priceless items that I foresee being passed on to the next  generation … in simple terms I enjoy the new, but I have a soft spot for vintage and details.  Often when someone crosses my path I see their details first and their complete ‘outfit’ second.  Somehow I’ve trained myself to see the little things that are the core indicators of the subjects “style”.

This weekend I met a young chap (Justin Jeffers / The Fine Young Gentleman.com) who approached me and introduced himself.  I’m not sure how long it took me to ask him about his watch but I know it was undoubtedly early in the conversation.

Justin explained to me that he found it in his father’s drawer and asked him about this watch that he had never seen him wear.  Turns out that the watch was given to Justin’s father as a token of appreciation - to Justin it was a reminder of part of his father’s accomplishments both socially and career-wise.   He became the new owner of the watch and changed the leather band with a series of nylon bands.

Call me sentimental, I can help but see a little poetry  in seeing attachement to items because of some other reasons than their monetary value.  While fashion can be costly … style and meaning is priceless.

This reminded me of 2 things from an earlier post. 36 things every man should do before dying (#15 & 32).

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    the best pieces are the ones for which our love far exceeds any intrinsic worth.
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