Of course the perfect summer party is about the right gathering of lively spirits, laughter, great energy and good times, but even before the smiles and cheers it’s about the preparation.

It’s about the little details that go into the final product.  It’s about the right chilled white wine, the perfect appetizers, freshness of fruits, be it long term or short term memories that stay with you long after the music stops.

While the perfect summer party is not limited to one look or one particular outfit, the basis for the great look has to start with something elegant and fresh, sometimes that can be the right fragrance…In this case, the right fragrance and source of inspiration is Blanc Edition fragrance from Lacoste Fragrance: think linen, if it’s not a white shirt, maybe be one with vibrant colors, the perfect D ring belt, and a great summer hat. 

While the perfect party may begin before the sun goes down, the stylish man knows it officially starts after applying the right fragrance, a prelude to a walk of confidence.

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