Show me a woman whose style is not defined by the labels she wears, I’ll show you a confident woman who knows that her style comes from within!

This is one of those women who exudes style, and among the most stylish women I’ve had the pleasure to befriend.

ladene shot by Guerre

Name:   Ladene.

Who are you:   Ladene.

Passion:   My Likes and Dislikes.

What is style?    Individual expression.

ladene shot by Guerre 

Where do you draw inspiration from:    My surroundings.    

2 Rules you live by:   I don’t live by any rules.    

How would describe your style?    My own personal expression at any given time.

Who do you consider to be a style icon?   Various indiginous tribes and cultures.

ladene shot by Guerre

What 3 things bring you peace?    1.Music  2. Nature  3. Genuine love.    

What is a bad day?    A non-productive day.  

What advice would you have for someone who’s cultivating their own style?      Be yourself / Do what you feel.

3 Pet Peeves (things you dislike)      1. Boys with the extra saggy pants  2. Closed-Minded way of being   
ladene shot by Guerre

Favorite place/location:    Up in the hills in Jamaica.   

What part of the day do you find yourself to be the most creative? (twilight, morning, afternoon, evening, late night)     Late night.      

What do you have a favorite of?     I have lots of favorites and they all change every other day.      

What is a daily must (beyond bathing, brushing your teeth, etc )?     Talking to a friend.      

What is a special indulgence for you?   Food, Shopping, and People I love.   

ladene shot by Guerre

Best advice you’ve received:     A closed mouth never gets fed.    

3 Songs you’d consider would make the up the soundtrack of your life or your daily state of mind: 1. I’m Every Woman  2. Wrong  3. Girl Blue   4. Rastaman Live Up (can’t be summed up in only 3)

Is there any one person in particular close to you that inspired you?      My Mother and Father.  

Is your style only represented in how you dress?     No, how I live as well.

ladene shot by Guerre

3 favorite movies:   1. The Lover  2. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly  3. Amorres Perros  4. Amandla  5. 9.5 Weeks  (Not possible to pick only 3)  

3 books you’d recommend:    1. The Alchemist  2. Value in the Valley  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad    

5 things every  person should do before dying:    The 5 things they’ve always wanted to do.  

What separates a leader from a follower?    Confidence.

ladene shot by Guerre

Next lifetime, I’d like to come back…   As a bird (they seem so free).

During trying times, what brings you peace of mind?      Music and/or talking to a friend.

Last thing that made you smile?      Answering these questions. 

You can find my work / sample of my product here:      email me at

My life is… (finish the sentence)     What It Is!

ladene shot by Guerre


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