In the last 30 days I’ve had the opportunity to attend 2 major men’s trade shows Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy and Mrket in New York City, New York.

Now if you’re a person who enjoys style and fashion, this is an experience you savor.  In a way you get a feel for what’s happening in the world of fashion and actually get a glimpse of all the future trends, the hits and misses.  Having said that I wanted to walk those who care through the process of men’s fashion as I see it.

1. A designer gets inspired - be it by what he’s seen on the street, in books, movies, dreams, etc. and he creates an item.

2.  The item makes its way to the runway show and/or to the trade shows where orders are placed by retailers

3.  Lesser known houses make a variation of what is presented on the runway / trade show.

4.  The items are sold in stores.

5. People purchase the items, trends are created when enough people concur that a look is “cool”.

So, I actually enjoy both the trade shows and runway shows if just to get a glimpse at what many people will be wearing some 6 months down the road.  This week it was Mrket and I must tell you they sure know how to get some heavy hitters involved.


One of the things I enjoy with Mrket is finding both old established houses and newer one that display quality product.  I’m a fan of both Borsalino (Milan) and Makins Hats (New York City) and had a chance to browse both their upcoming collections.

Now, my Achilles heel is a great pair of socks - and this time around I was introduced to Marcoliani -  made of Pima Cotton Lisle

Drakes of London never ceases to amaze me with the constant flow of colors which they marry to quality.

and bracelets are officially part of the “cool” accessories to have.  Miansai out of Florida is among one of the best examples of a fresh twist to an old idea that I’ve seen recently.

To walk through Mrket is to have your senses seduced with great product.  When the smoke clears I smile, tap my pocket to make sure all my business cards collected are with me and know I’ll have plenty to shoot in the streets a few months from now.


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