In a recent interview I was asked to list my 5 favorite finds for the summer.  Feel free to e-mail me your short list - Summer’s not over yet and I’m always looking for that forgotten or hidden gem.

1. Super Duper hats.

I came across this hat company recently while in Florence Italy and I must tell you I think I have a new favorite hat company.  The brown straw fedora that I have of theirs is certainly the first of many to come.  (

2.  Great fabric.

I went to my favorite fabric place and stocked up on some great summer and winter material for some choice pieces I have in mind.  I no longer shop for clothes - I simply acquire pieces that I personalize,  having them made from scratch is the epitome of personal.

3. A brand new red Harris Tweed blazer from Orvis.

This was my e-bay find of the Summer.  This is one of those items that’s not for everyone - therein lies the beauty.

4. Persol Sunglasses

I had a chance to go to Lens Crafters and pick out a pair of sunglasses - While the selection was wide and there were countless commercially cool frames, Persol had the ones that matched my style. (

5.  The Rake Magazine

In terms of quality and content,  this is my favorite men’s magazine.  I decided to pick up the few issues that I was missing via back order (you can only order it online in the States.  The magazine is based in Singapore)  It’s not a $4 dollar magazine, but I believe it’s a keeper and worth every penny.  (


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