I’ve been fortunate to have been able to conduct a few interviews but prior to this one I sat down and actually asked myself what was the point of the interviews in general.  With the Internet, one simply can go online and research any company they want to know about- it was then that I realized the point of the interviews is not so much to regurgitate what’s in the company’s press kit but to actually get a real feel for the minds behind the product -  It’s about the human factor as opposed to the well oiled public relation office.

While at Pitti Uomo in Florence Italy I had the chance of getting my hands on Eton shirt’s info packet describing their Spring / Summer 2012 Collection. Eton’s press packet sparked an interest and I was determined to know if the product was really worth mentioning or if whoever was in charge of the P.R. Just did a great job.   “The Eton gentleman knows that style is in the detail…” “The gentleman knows that his accessories are the signature on his personal style…” Eton seemed to be talking my language “Playful pattern combinations…” “The best way to kick start spring is to brighten up your surroundings with a stylish and colorful look,” it’s official, I had to know this company so I decided to go directly to the head designer Sebastian Dollinger (by way of some great Eton team members).  Between booking a flight, and other work related issues Sebastian took some time out of his  schedule to give me a glimpse into Eton and what contributes to his creative process.

A quick note for those who aren’t familiar with Eton,  it’s a family owned Swedish shirt company which started in 1928 .

Eton shirts by Guerre

1. A shirt is a shirt is a shirt or is it?
I like to believe that people should get what they pay for.  We invest our money back into the product,our product does the advertising. Ultimately what you purchase from with us is the quality of the shirt.

2. How long have you been with the company?
9 years. The people here are great, it’s a fantastic team, the work is challenging but this is my extended family.

3.  Seems that Eton shirts is big on details, what’s an example of detailed oriented  work at Eton?
You don’t want to make a clown shirt but make a quality garment with something unique.  For example we have a white shirt with dark blue piping.  When the shirt is buttoned all the way up you don’t see the piping but once you open it you see that small detail. The details are in things like the stitching, the button holes, and combining of patterns.

Eton shirts by Guerre

Eton shirts by Guerre

4. What is a stylish man?
A stylish man is a confident man who is wearing his clothes and the clothes aren’t wearing him be it in jeans or a suit stylish men don’t overdo it, it’s not what they wear but how they wear it.

5. One of the things that stroke me about Eton was that each season was broken down into months and 14 new shirts are introduced every month. The Spring - Summer collection has some 56 different shirts, that’s a lot of shirts between December and March. What’s the idea of that?  why not have 12 different collections per year?We look to inspire people to wear more colorful clothing and to be different every month.

6.  Will you walk me up until the moment the shirt is purchased.
A. Color inspiration. This can come from anywhere, inspiration for this can be simple as seeing a great color combination.
B. The fabric & ground structure. This is where we decide on what to make the shirt out of - the best thing to showcase what we visualized.
C. Patterns.  We decide on patterns and bring them to life with the colors chosen.
D. Combine everything. Everything comes together.
E. The packaging. 
F. We share the story behind the item.
G. We showcase the item and let the buyer know it’s the right piece for them.
H. The person makes the purchase.

Eton shirts by Guerre

Now let’s face it there are countless shirt companies out there and I’m sure with time the list of those I decide to interview will surely grow.  Let me say it now - I’m not looking for the grand daddy of all shirt companies instead I hope to highlight the companies that I feel think outside the box, the companies that understand style and reflect their understanding not in catchy campaign slogans but in a solid product. Eton is certainly one of those companies.  From the stitching, the contrasting buttons, to the details inside the shirt Eton is for the man who wants quality while looking to express his cool.  Eton will take a classic shirt add just the right touch and transform the classic with a modern day cool edge. 

Eton shirts by Guerre

Shirts, ties, bow ties, cuff links, collar stays, and more.

For more info on Eton shirts visit their website - www.etonshirts.com

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