To know me is to know you won’t catch me without a hat on. My collection ranges from wool newsboys to handmade straw stingy brims, while my collection varies there is one universal law that doesn’t change - I don’t compromise when it comes to my hats.

I won’t paint a picture comparing a hat to a crown but I will say that what goes on my head does take on a poetic nonchalant elegant type of vibe.  Think the icing on the cake, it’s the final touch that tends to be the signature of the master chef.

I’ve had the opportunity to wear the likes of Dobbs, Borsalino, Stetson, so I certainly didn’t expect to look at any other brands (classic established hat brands tend to do it for me) so you can imagine my initial hesitation when I came across Super Duper Handmade Hats.  You can actually say it was by chance.  I was at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy, coming from a meeting when these hats caught my eye…. I initially walked by but something called me back,  it was that same something that makes me decide to take a person’s photo.  I almost always walk by and won’t shoot the person unless I’m compelled to look twice - this was the case.  I stopped at the Super Duper booth to see if the product went deeper than being a nice looking hat.

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

 My initial conversation with Matteo was relatively short, as a business man I make it a practice not to interfere when others are wheeling and dealing (unless of course I’m involved in the game at hand) and know when to back off - I watched from a distance.  That observation coupled with the conversations that ensued solidified my belief that Super Duper Handmade Hats was worth more than just a nod, it was worth space on my space deprived hat shelf…. I’m at the point where if I get 1 new item, I get rid of 2, so imagine if I’m willing to do that, I must really enjoy the product.

1.  What’s the philosophy behind Super Duper Handmade Hats?
The philosophy starts with us doing something new in an old way.  Old as in the way artisans worked in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Instead of a mass produced product we believe you have to be better and pay attention to every detail.

2. Where do you draw the inspiration from?
 I draw inspiration from old photos, old movies.  Elements and quality of the past.

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

3.  What is it about Super Duper Handmade Hats that makes it different from the mass produced hats?
Mass produced items don’t pay attention to details, we make the hats the old fashion way on wooden blocks - our hats are handmade.  Our hats are also made in Florence, Italy
We don’t try to make or duplicate hats that are best sellers, we try to make something particular,something enjoyable.

4. What makes it different from the high end established brands?
We don’t have a classic collection, we always look to create something new.  Many large companies use wool we use fur felt which is more rare and expensive.  Quality is our only objective.

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

5. I’ve seen hats in your collection that I haven’t seen anywhere else like the sailor hat, and even the women’s line looks fresh and has a new yet seasoned feel to it, what’s behind that?
We really look to integrate the past into the present.  When we speak of past we’re speaking of elegance.  We enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.

6. Why should anyone care about the hat they wear?
if you want to wear something only once quality is less of an issue but if you want to wear something now and have it 10 years from now quality is a must.  A quality item will last a lifetime and possibly last long enough to past it to your grandson.

7. Any parting words or thoughts?
before creating the hats I wasn’t into fashion.  I was a musician and I find it odd how people look to judge others based on appearance, never judge people just lookin’ to them, I’ve seen a lot of sad people smiling.

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

Super Duper Hats as per Guerreisms

What I like about Super Duper Handmade Hats is that they’re not about fashion, you can look at Matteo and realize the guy has style … Style that was developed before being involved in the hat business.  Super Duper Handmade Hats doesn’t sell you hats, they help you express your style!

Super Duper Hats as per GuerreismsNot only do I like the product - I wear it.


For more information visit Super Duper Handmade Hat

Every SuperDuper hat is completely handmade by Matteo, Veronica and Ilaria.


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