This is one of those ladies I always look forward to seeing during the Fashion Weeks.  Leaf doesn’t disappoint, she STYLES!


Leaf Greener

Who are you: 

I’ m a senior fashion editor of ELLE CHINA magazine, living in Shanghai, China.


Fashion, Music, Film, Architecture 

What is style?

Style is never about following the trends, but about staying true to your heart.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My passion and everything is drawn from the street.


Rules you live by:

I like to break rules, the sky is the limit.



How would describe your style?

Always mix & match with 2 opposite styles. For example, easy glamour, Feminine tomboy Elegant wicked


Who do you consider to be a style icon?

Tilda Swinton. Catherine Deneuve. Tina Chow.


What 3 things bring you peace?

Good Music, sunny chill weather, and ocean.


What is a bad day?

Being Sick!


What advice would you have for someone who’s cultivating their own style?

I really think your own style is a highly personal thing. If you are a natural born stylish person then you are who you are!

3 Pet Peeves (things you dislike)

Phony, superficial and narrow-minded


Favorite place/location:

Shanghai, London and Bali. 


What part of the day do you find yourself to be the most creative? (twilight, morning, afternoon, evening, late night)

I could be inspired all 24 hours.  

What do you have a favorite of?

Ocean and seafood. I love to eat.


What is a daily must (beyond bathing, brushing your teeth, etc )?

Listening to music. Me and my co-worker  are doing this DJ thing for fun. So listening a lot music it s very daily must for me.  


What is a special indulgence for you?

Just looking at the sky.


Best advice you’ve received:

Great time makes Great man.  


3 Songs you’d consider would make the up the soundtrack of your life or your daily state of mind:

The soundtrack from the movies: The dreamers, Velvet Goldmine and the Doors



Is there any one person in particular close to you that inspired you?

My mom, my aunt and my boyfriend Carl.  


Is your style only represented in how you dress?

Nope, it also represents my lifestyle indeed.


3 favorite movies:

Wall Street

I am Love

Flight Club



3 books you’d recommend:

The great Gatsby

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Art of War 


5 things every person should do before dying:

Everyone has oceans to fly, as long as you have the heart to do it. So for this point I think it will be too hard for me to only put 5 things should do. I think just do dreams without boundaries before it s too late.


What separates a leader from a follower?

A leader stays true to and follows the heart, has strong passion and dares to break rules.

A follower listens and cares about what other people think and say and tends to be copycat. 




Next lifetime, I’d like to come back…


A rock n’ roll singer


During trying times, what brings you peace of mind?

Drinking champagne.


Last thing that made you smile?

I found my sunglasses in my fridge.


You can find my work / sample of my product here:


My life is… (finish the sentence)

Wicked and fun.


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